Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday Post #8 09th March

Sunday, 9 March 2014
The Sunday Post

This is is Meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer and here are the rules.

It is your chance to re-cap your bookish week, what did your review last week, any new purchases, what will be coming up in your blog next week or generally anything you feel you would like to share with the blogging community.

So, What did I do last week?

So, this was my week off. The weather was actually beautiful here - sorry, I know some of you are still suffering with snow etc, but we actually had a beautiful spring week here in SE England. I managed to clear out my garden  ready for spring and this is how it looks like now: 

I also managed to do some work on the blog - it was so great to have the time for it! On my first day I sat down and put a 'Follow Me on FB / Twitter / GR' widget together. I'm not a very patient person and if the Html doesn't work the way I want it … lets just say I get easily frustrated and don't have a lot of patience. Funny how I don't have problems with my patience when browsing blogs etc. It took me about 3 hours (with various online tutorials) and I did manage it at the end to put a working widget together. Though the buttons are now underneath eaach other instead of side by side. Oh well, you can't have everything! But I just couldn't go on any further and really didn't want to mess it up again. I did that in the morning I was supposed to be be repairing the roof of my garden shed. Yes, I do have my priorities right. 

What's happened on my blog last week?


Memes/ Features:
which made me think about:

Around the Blogosphere:

I finished reading:

How To Knock A Bravebird From Her Perch by D. Bryant Simmons

I started reading:

Sex in the Title by Zack Love

Received for review:

Wherewolves by John Vamvas and Olga Montes

Purchased or Freebies:

OK, I went a bit mad this week. This is what happens if I have enough time on my hands! And some of them are quite dark and hard-hitting, hmmm, not sure why I felt in that particular mood this week. 

Free on Amazon at time of purchasing (please make sure you check that they are still free)

Danny Boy by Lauren Whiskens

Driven by David Darby

Needle by Craig Goodman

The Loneliest Road by Kimberly Bettes

Just Breathe by Heather Allen

Twelve Years as a Slave by Solomon Northup

What I'm planning for next week:


How to knock a Bravebird from her Perch by D. Bryant Simmons

Brick Lane by Monica Ali

Firestarter by Stephen King
(continuing my weekly Stephen King feature)

Reading People by       (non-fiction)

Memes / other features:

First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intro hosted by Bibliophile by the Sea and Tuesday Teaser hosted by Should be Reading: my current read Sex in the Title by Zack Love

Feature and Follow hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read
This week it's going to be an activity: 
Spring is in the air! Show off your favorite outdoors reading spot. If you don’t go outside…well where else do you read that isn’t inside your house? We want pics! – PJ Note – I WISH!!! It’s like 30 degrees here. When will Spring Cometh?
Have a great week everyone and Happy Reading from the Pegster. 


Greg said...

Always nice to have a week off. Glad the weather was nice, looking forward to spring here as well. I must confess I'm not very good at blog design or widgets either, so glad that worked out for you. Have a nice week.

Pamela D said...

The html stuff gets easier with time and practice. Every few months there is a Bloggiesta Challenge. It is a week or weekend event in which (book) bloggers work on improving their blogs. If you check out the Bloggiesta website, you will find tons of really great tutorials for improving your blog. I have slowly been going through them.

Red Iza said...

I heard a lot of good about the Monica Ali. It's total springtime here too, windows opened most of the day and so on ! Have a nice sunday :)

kimbacaffeinate said...

Amazing haul and your yard looks so warm and wonderful! I did a post on side by side social icons if you want to delve further: Glad you had a lovely week off!

Jessica said...

I'm so jealous of your weather. I think I'm finally starting to see the first signs of spring. Looks like you had a great week!

Jessica @ Tales Between the Pages

Jenea Whittington said...

Great haul and such amazing weather. They say we are going to have some warmer weather this week. I might just be able to turn off my heat! Enjoy your week.

Jenea @ Books Live Forever's Sunday Post

Jan @ Notes from a Readerholic said...

Your garden looks lovely! The last of our snow is melting this week, but the yard is very soggy so it will be awhile before any clean-up can happen. I'm glad you had such a nice week off. So good when you can get lots done.

I have to check out your links, too. Looks like interesting stuff! Have a great reading week.

Michelle P said...

I can't wait to put my garden together, I was just thinking about what I want to plant. If they weather in NJ would just stop being so cold I could start it soon.
Sounds like you had a great week off :)

Terri M LeBlanc said...

So jealous of your weather, but rumor has it we are suppose to hit 50 tomorrow! Seems like every weekend I get sucked into make some little tweak to my blog. The last two weeks I worked on social media buttons and clearing away some clutter. I'm taking this week off and focusing on visiting blogs.

Have a great week, Peggy.

Terri at Second Run Reviews

Peggy Farooqi said...

I now feel that I need at least another month or so off work to do all the things I want to do in the house :) Isn't it always the case. But I do feel much more relaxed for it, I have to say. Thanks all for stopping by.

Cyn said...

Ah, it does look a lot nicer! Glad it's getting warmer for you! I still have snow ): But! It's warming up, so I'll take it haha.
Enjoy all your new books!

Cyn @ Bookmunchies

Lindy Gomez said...

Great Haul Peg! Just Breathe and Just a Slave look like intriguing reads, and of course Firestarter is a classic!!! Happy Reading and have a great week!

Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

Michelle @ In Libris Veritas said...

Spring is finally in GA as well and I'm so happy to have warm weather! I hope you enjoy your new reads!

Jen S said...

I'm gawking at your lovely weather

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, I can relate to your frustrations over doing anything requiring HTML! And how you feel you must finish what you start....

It looks matter how they are aligned.

I go a little crazy with Kindle books, too....I do want to read 12 Years a Slave.

Enjoy your week...and thanks for visiting my blog.

Rashika said...

Paulina was actually telling me about the wonderful weather over there the other day. It's sunny here too even if the temperature is just hovering over 0.. :)

Happy reading and have a great week! :)

Lola R said...

Here in the Netherlands we had a mild winter and spring seems to be coming early this year. We had some ebautiful weather this week.
I hope you enjoyed your week off :). That's great to managed to clear out your garden, that's one of those chores best done before it get's really hot. We currently only have a balcony, but I still like to clean it and buy some plants for it when it becomes spring. Hopefully will be doing that somewhere in the next few weeks. I am looking forward to some outdoors reading.

You follow me widget looks great! Although I am sure it should be possible to have them be side by side. I always had my social media buttons next to each other when i was still at blogger. If you send me the html code for the widget I might be able to check it out and see if I can find a way to have them show next to each other.

Harvee Lau said...

There is a gadget on my blogspot blog site that will add the links to my posts - links to twitter, facebook, etc. I see you use blogger too.

Peggy Farooqi said...

I've got a Computer-savvy friend coming over next Sunday, so she'll have a look. Thanks so much everyone. :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh beautiful outside! It's nice to get out when the weather starts breaking. It did for us last weekend as well, but we ended up with snow and bitter cold winds again the other day. *sigh* There is hope that spring is in the future. :)

Hope you enjoy all your new reads. :)

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