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Mum of 3 (1994, 1995, 1998)- born in East Germany --lived in UK/ Kent since 1993 -- studied criminology -- love reading / writing / travelling / needlecraft 
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Update 25.10.2014

I do not take on any more review books unfortunately, as I have been really overwhelmed with books and do not want to disappoint. 

I have found that I was only reading review books and was not any more able to read for pleasure only. So, while I enjoyed most of the books I read for review, it became a bit of a chore - and that's not how it should be I guess.

So, I will honour the review books I have accepted, but it may take a while to get through - see the list on my blog. Apologies, I will now probably alternate a review book with another book and will, of course, write my reviews as usual here, on and .com and on Goodreads once the book is read. 


I have started to get a bit more serious about my writing which now takes a lot of my time. But of course, every good writer needs to read a lot, so I will, of course, still continue to read as much as I can.

Thank you so much for all your support and
Kind Regards

General Info:

I started my blog a few years ago to keep a record of the books I'm reading. I work in a job very different from anything to do with publishing etc, and reading is my release from the stresses of the world. And - I do have a long commute!  So … I'm not a professional, just your humble reader.

If you are an author (self-published is fine) or publisher and would like to have a book reviewed, please email me:

My reviews:

I try to keep my reviews honest, but never bashing. I know that, for every author, their book is their baby. I have never been a published author myself, but  I have been told reliably that this is the same whether it is your first book or whether you are an established author. However, I would like to support new authors, and a bad review is going to hurt a new author much more than an established one.


If you are a new author, and my review is going to be lower than 3  / 5, I will contact you and not publish.

I publish my reviews on my blog, Amazon and Goodreads.

You will notice that  don't have a star-rating system on my blog, as personally, I don't really agree with it - how can I put my feelings about a book in one sentence like 'I like it' or 'I love it'. But it is what it is on Amazon and Goodreads  unfortunately. 

What format:

I'm happy to accept reviews on hardbacks, paperbacks, ebooks (for Kindle).

I cannot accept audiobooks.


Fiction: I love to read almost any fiction, as I don't want to restrict my reading to much and love to  experience different and maybe for me new topics / genres. However, I do not read and will not review: classical, religious, children's books, poetry, graphic novels.

Non Fiction: medical-forensic (this is my line of work in my main job), languages (I'm also a Freelance translator), self-help, travel, diet, needle crafts or anything else which may take my fancy.

And finally

I may have to ask you to be patient if I have already a few books on my TBR pile.